Working within the care sector is one of the areas in music that is so rewarding.I have been Entertaing reidents in care homes and hospitals since i was 10 years old and i have traveled all over Scotland and England. Over the years musical tastes have changed as people get older but the main thing is to take them back to there youth and what they liked in there day. I always try to arrive early to get to get the chance to have a chat with some of the residents and its always good to here about there past and there many stories.


Concerts generally last 1hour and are full of lots of good songs and sing along material and a wee laugh for good measure.

I also work for Music in Hospitals Scotland, a registered charity who's aim is to improve the quality of life for people of all ages in care through the provision of professional live music. Concerts take place in hospitals, hospices, care homes, day centres and special needs schools, bringing the benefits of live music to people who need it most.

Four Hills Nursing Glasgow


The performer communicated well with the audience. The songs suited the residents well.The atmosphere was very good. It was a nice change to have someone new and the residents thoroughly enjoyed it and would like him back again


Erskine Home Edinburugh


The concert was a great succes to which we had 34 residents which is a very good turnout. Those who could dance, did so. The residents were alert throughout which does not always happen. They said that the selection of songs was great. The performer had a great personality, The felt relaxed & happy.The residents were smiling into the evening !

Here are a few old favourites i do in the care sector, of course you can also look under the main song list for many many more.


Northern lights

Your cheating heart/ king of the road

Sir Harry Lauder set 4 songs

Beautiful Sunday

For TheseAre My Mountains

Callums Road Whistle

Coulters Candy

Twist/ Mary Lou/ Singing The Blues

Tennessee Waltz

Island of Tiree

Country Roads/ Sweet Caroline

White Cliffs of Dover

Stand By Me

Granny Aff a Bus

Loch Lomond

Auld Lang Syne/ Show Me Way To Go Home

Scottish War Blinded members were treated to a concert of popular, country and traditional songs at the Linburn Centre on Wednesday 24 February 2016.The concert was performed by guitarist and singer Callum Wallace in partnership with Poppy Scotland and Music in Hospitals.

Callum elaborates:

“I work through Music for Hospitals, which is a great organisation, who send artists like myself to perform concerts all over the country including the islands. Music is great for health and well-being, it’s amazing how positively it can impact on people and that’s the reason I am here today.”

Members enjoyed the opportunity to clap, tap their feet and sing along to a wide repertoire of songs including ‘The Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen’, ‘Country Roads’, ‘It’s a Beautiful Day’ and ‘Sweet Caroline’.

An impromptu duet took place during the concert between Callum and Scottish War Blinded member Peggy Dunlop, pictured right. On several occasions Peggy took centre stage by singing lead vocal for songs ‘Danny Boy’, ‘Wee Dock and Doris’ and ‘When Irish Eyes are Smiling’.

Peggy, pictured right, said:

“It’s been a wonderful afternoon, I have really enjoyed myself singing along to so many songs. I love singing and used to sing in the Army, at Christmas as well as at dances. I thoroughly enjoyed performing with Callum.”

It is hoped Callum will return for future concerts which our members will certainly look forward to. We offer or sincere thanks to Callum, Music for Hospitals and Poppy Scotland for putting the concert together.

Callum commented:

“It’s been pleasure to meet the members today at the Linburn Centre who all enjoyed the songs and were smiling away; a job well done in my eyes. You always get a character in the group, as I’ve always discovered, and Peggy certainly stood out today. It was lovely to have the opportunity to perform and entertain members at Scottish War Blinded.”